Komuneekashun or connection?

As I tried for the umpteenth time to explain the importance of checking the oil regularly, her eyes just glazed over again.

Then I remembered her frustration with the muffins Saturday morning and asked her to explain how they came to be lumps of blueberries bearly held together by some remnant of muffin that was dug by force out of the tin.

She snorted that not having any cooking spray to line the pan had ruined her attempt at breakfast in bed. After assuring her that the “muffins” were delicious and the gesture was dearly appreciated I asked her to consider an analogy.

Imagine you tried to go to work one day and your car would not start. When you open the hood and look down you find a pile of random metal parts all smashed together like the muffins were.  What do you think might cause that?

Finally, she got it. The light went on over her head before it came on, on the dash.

There is no way for us to lead, teach or train those we care about if we fail to communicate in a way that truly connects with the learning style, mindset and passions of those we choose to lead.

Whenever possible, use words, phrases and analogies that resonate with the listener, even if the subject is out of your comfort zone. They will appreciate the effort and listen more intently even if your illustration isn’t perfect.

Connect to communicate to influence to lead.

Have a blessed day!

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