Just A Word?

Just A Word?

by J L Norris

July 9, 1991

Many people would ask “What’s a word?”

When it means so little to life;

But I’d like to take a moment to work

With a few words before your eyes.

Live.  Die.  Hate.  Love.  Trust.  Disrespect.

Pain.  Sorrow.  Suffering.  Loss.  Temptation.

Have I touched one yet?

Sick.  Sore.  Lost.  Hopeless.  Desperation and Despair.

Wandering.  Aimless.  Pointless.  Futile.

What hope have you found there?

Only one word can mean it all.

Only one word puts life in its place.

Only one word can stop the fall

And it’s seen in every face.

Love is the only hope we have;

Some share it; others cannot.

With God in charge we have a chance.

He is the only true love we’ve got.

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