It will be hard work… but it’s worth it.

Change the status quo.

If you are convinced that the status quo must change and firmly believe you have new, better or more productive ways to live, be, do, have, then all your energy, time and emotion should be committed to that change.

Rosa Parks was not the first to display civil disobedience, nor was she the first to refuse to give up her seat on a bus, or even the first on that bus, at that stop, in that city, but she was the first to be called “The mother of the Freedom Movement”. Claudette Colvin, like many before and after her challenged the status quo, channeled criticism, charged on against all odds. Claudette Colvin rocked the boat, but Rosa Parks carried the torch for the civil rights movement and turned the boat over.

Strap on your floatation device.

Let’s face it, everyone’s boat gets rocked at sometime or another. Perhaps you got laid off from a job. Or maybe your company downsized and you took on the work of four people and accepted a 10% pay cut just to keep your job. Maybe a death in the family, or a major illness, or the long-term care of a parent has altered the plans you have made for the immediate future.

Natural disasters can have the same impact. A tornado could wipe out your home and memories. A fire or flood could devastate an entire community. These events are beyond your control. What now? There is a way to cope with these events. You should be prepared for the unexpected.

I remember a story of a man who walked on the water. If his friends had not called out to him, he might have strolled right by them as he walked across the lake in the midst of the storm. Instead, he encouraged them in their fear and one of his friends got out of the boat and walked on the water to join him.

If you long for a more excellent life and the boat you are in is not going that way, don’t stay in the same boat! Get out. Walk on the water if you have to.

I did not come to rock your boat, I came to turn it over.

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