It was not easy, but without her… Impossible.

My 1967 Chevy Impala fastback with the 283 had just enough power to smoke the tires and the clutch. In fact it was the second time in the same month I would have the car up on ramps in the garage to change the clutch.

I was 16 and this was my first real car. I drove this car to school, to work and everywhere else I went. It had to have a clutch.

As I pulled it apart and started replacing all the parts I realized I was not capable of holding all the parts in place and lifting the transmission back in place to thread the pilot bearing.

All my buddies were out of pocket, my father was out of the picture and my step dad had passed away several years before. I turned to the only help I could find. My Mom.

It took some convincing, but eventually she was right there with me, covered in grease and transmission fluid and up to her elbows in clutch parts watching, guiding and maneuvering as I lifted the transmission back in place. It was not easy, but without her it would have been impossible.

Many things in my life as a teenage boy and young man would ring with the same truth, not easy, but impossible without her.

If you know a single mom, who like mine served as Mom and Dad, honor her. Show the appreciation due of a person who lays aside their own dreams long enough to get you started on yours. Cry out to all the world the value of inspiration they bring to you.

Life as a boy without my dad around was not easy, but without her it would have been impossible.

Thanks Mom!

Happy Father’S Day!

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