It takes more than a pretty face to succeed.

She was 14 when I signed her ip for the Dale Carnegie Course.

When she walked in the room they thought there was some mistake. I mean she’s cute and all, but this is a $2,000 business course. The other people taking this course are real professionals, business owners and executives. “She’s not even old enough to drive!” One said.

She did not let that discourage her. She sat quietly and respectfully, waiting and hoping for their buy in to let her participate. Finally, the moment came. Everyone was asked to stand in front of the whole room and share a story from their life so we could all get to know them.

She trembled a wee bit at first, then she was over it and she took off. Describing the scene with vivid details, acting out the moving parts of the story, she demonstrated her courage and fearlessness in front of 50 strangers. She nailed it. Her story touched them. Her courage amazed them. Her beauty was now nothing more than icing on the cake.

Almost five years later now, that experience still serves her in her work and in her day to day approach to people. Having overcome the fear and having learned that we can Win Friends and Influence People best when we consider all of their attributes not just what we see first and the importance of polished communication skills, she is a huge step ahead of her peers.

Have you polished your people skills?
What do you do to understand others better?
When was the last time you faced the fear and charged forward anyway?

Share your story with us in the comments below.


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