It doesn’t have to be like that.

You can prepare now.

You can decide for yourself how you will respond when your boat gets rocked. You can also take preemptive action. You can rock the boat yourself.

  • Like the cantankerous passenger, will you wait for someone else to rock your boat?

  • Like the canoe of misfits, will it be a clumsy incident that happens by sheer accident?

  • Will you have a mission in mind, a goal, a purpose when you rock the boat?

  • Will it be with intentionality and dogged determination that you leap from the boat?

If you do have a mission, and you have the dogged determination to see it through, You can almost predict the outcome. When you can influence the event and choose your response, the outcome will not likely come as a surprise to you. How do you rock the boat rather than waiting for it to happen to you?

Rock the boat with purpose

Claudette Colvin, was 15 years old on March 2, 1955. She refused to give up her seat on the bus, was arrested and jailed for violation of segregation laws and disorderly conduct. Later she was impregnated in an incident she called statutory rape by a much older married man. Black leaders at the time said, “Her circumstances would make her a very vulnerable standard bearer”. Although her case was taken to the supreme court and won. Few know who she is. Claudette Colvin rocked the boat!

Nine months later, on the same bus route, on the same stop, Rosa Parks, 42, refused to give up her seat. She was courageous and determined. Rosa Parks’ civil disobedience lead to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Rosa Parks is known as “The First Lady of Civil Rights.” Claudette Colvin certainly rocked the boat, but Rosa Parks turned it over.

It takes three things to rock the boat, four to turn it over: more about that tomorrow.

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