Is it time for Uprising?

UPRISING: Time for Christians to Stop Waiting and Start Winning

There have been ideas, conjectures and philosophies surrounding religion since the dawn of humanity itself. There have been revolutions and revelations that change the shape of beliefs and the direction of politics since the first governments were established. In all of them, the agenda has been similar if not the same. The hope is to promote an idea that leads to change from the deepest levels of thought, changes that reverberate through the actions and relationships of the participants and into the world around them.

Greek mythology did it. Roman governments did it. The Sanhedrin did it. The American experiment did it. The occupy movement did it. The Taliban did it. Now we find our world in a place we have been many times before, but this time could be different.

Uprising will challenge your thinking about the Bible, about the Christian ideas that form contemporary thought, and the hopes of rapture that pervade books, movies and sermons everywhere. Take the time to read it, then read it again. You will likely find yourself looking up every scripture to test its veracity and praying for peace about what you read.

You can read the first four chapters as my gift to you. Click here.

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