In order to live a more excellent life, you must have vision!

Become inSUPERable. Make everyday obstacles run from you!

In order to live a more excellent life, you must have vision!” ~ J Loren Norris

VISION: A clear, passionate, compelling, purposeful image of the future you were created to live that brings joy and freedom to your heart and mind while expressing the greatest of your strengths, and talents.

What happens when a person has no vision?

When a person has no vision, life has no clarity. You live in a fog and feel lost and aimless in your own life. Even if you have worked hard and achieved some level of success, the rewards do not feel satisfying and fulfilling but rather seem to be expected. “That’s what I deserve after all the hard work I put in.” But if we were to ask “Why did you do it?” the answer would be vague, cloudy, fogged over.

An insuperable vision on the other hand will be a:
  • Vivid – A clear, specific, definable picture of the future you are passionate to live out.
  • Inspiration – Birthed from gifts and strengths within you; created by something greater than self.
  • Significantly – Leaving a large and unforgettable impression on those who observe your life.
  • Influencing – “Leadership is influence; nothing more and nothing less. People do what people see.”
  • Others’ – An insuperable vision is not about one’s own greatness but others’ potential illuminated.
  • Nobility – Trustworthy, honest and compassionate character worthy of modeling.

Join J Loren Norris, author of Live A More Excellent Life and discover the need for a vision in your own life, the power that a vivid and inspired vision has to drive your life and how you can gain clarity on your vision.

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