I am “That Guy”

Hi.  My name is J Loren Norris. My friends call me Loren… or That Guy. 

I speak, coach, train and write on leadership and communication skills.

  • Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach
  • World Champion of Public Speaking Semifinalist
  • Dale Carnegie Course Coach
  • 20 years in sales and marketing
  • 15 years as Entrepreneur in entertainment
  • 6 years Founder / Owner – ThatGuyRocks.com

Leadership because “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” One key to leadership that is often overlooked is this:  it all begins with self leadership – mastery of your own life habits, behavioral choices and attitude. If you can master those, you can lead and live a more excellent life, if not you may just be taking a hike.

Communication because “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”  After speaking as a sales and marketing professional for more than 20 years, then watching sales reps of all calibers try to present the same ideas, I realized that good communication is an essential key to sales. It is also an essential key to management, leadership and success in general. Effective communication in front of a group is a skill to be learned, practiced and mastered.

As an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years, I realized that communication permeates every element of business. But even in the entertainment industry, there are people who have risen to the level of their lid in business because their communication skills are still lacking.

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Here is how I do what I do

Through public speaking, leadership training, mastermind groups and coaching, I lead people to a better quality of life in their work place, family and personal life.  I help them to reshape their mindset, increase their knowledge base and grow their awareness. I conduct workshops that allow immediate feedback on the practices taught and deeper explanation of the principles recommended.

Here is why I do what I do.

The greatest natural resource we posses in our communities, our companies, churches and homes are the people who make them function. The most important capital for any of us to manage is the human capital with which we have been entrusted.

Day after day I meet people who are struggling  just to make ends meet. They are adrift in this vast sea of humanity holding on to their job, their family, their home, and their car with all they’ve got. They see their life experiences and education  as the last hope to find their purpose and identity. They gather, fill and stuff all the money they can into every opportune investment. Yet they are empty, frustrated, angry and just plain fed up.

We have all experienced that moment; when we find yourself stuck in traffic, yelling at random strangers to do what they wish they could… but can’t… “GO!”

The idea that life can be better than it is today is like the flame of a candle fighting for all its worth to stand against the tempest. We all want a better life. We study for a better mind. We strive for a better health. We labor for a better career. We long for better relationships. We pray for a better spirit. Even when life is good, we want more.

That idea, that flame, is the hope that lives in the hearts and minds of all of us. Should that flame be extinguished, hope itself may well go with it. It is the rut of hopelessness that traps many would be shining stars and buries that glow from the sight of the world. It is the rut of hopelessness that extinguishes that flame.

Lives that would have been a beacon to the wandering are lost at sea themselves. Inspirations of success that would have been the voices crying out to all who suffer are hidden away in their own stale lives, they cannot share who they are or what the world needs from them.

My Purpose

It is my passion to help you find your purpose. I want to see you become successful, but more than that to be free!

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