I am one who has paid tens of thousands of dollars to experts to have the knowledge and training I employ. 

I am a Certified Leadership Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team and I am a perpetual learner.

Answers to a viewers questions: Re Confidence is NOT Competence.

Q: “This morning after while Maxwell’s 5 tips, you stopped briefly after reading # “Show up” and commented re: how people have a title for a job and don’t do the work. You mentioned “life coaches” then went on with the football player example. I hear ‘life coaches’ have a mixed response, and most public speakers do not like that term. Indeed there are WIDE varieties of their ‘training’ some consist of an expensive weekend bootcamp, some a few hrs and yet others are more intense and have validity. I just wanted to ask what your perspective is on this field, and how one who attains a more in depth training from ‘fruitful’ instruction, express the differences in the field to prospects especially when they are just starting out and don’t have the ‘fruit’ themselves yet. Thank you. KC

A: KC, I am one who has paid tens of thousands of dollars to experts to have the knowledge and training I employ. I am a Certified Leadership Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team and I am a perpetual learner.

Having said that, there are people who have never been certified by anyone, paid to be trained by anyone, authorized by anyone, but have lead and impacted thousands. I would defer to their proven competence over my training any day.

I will also say, there are many people whose path I cross with multiple degrees behind their name, with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested, whose judgement, expertise and teaching are not much more than opinionated drivel. While I will listen respectfully, I will not always follow their advice or trust their insights.

There are many people who have a specific opinion or world view which motivates them and weighs significantly in their teaching. I am one who holds a Christian or Biblical world view – values based, principles based, Christ centric ideologies – which impact the “slant” from which I teach. Others have a self centric or earth centric or humanistic world view and they teach from that “slant.”

Who you listen to is key!!

“It’s not just what you learn that matters, it’s who you learn it from.” Dr. John C. Maxwell

I don’t ask my auto mechanic about brain science, I research Dr. Caroline Leaf. I don’t research Dr. Leaf about my motorcycle parts though. I seldom seek marriage advice from a single person, or parenting advice from someone with no children, although I might ask for input from children…

As a coach or trainer, I would say my journey over the last 7 years has resulted in this revelation: Its not the title or moniker or training or label which make one competent, it is a long obedience in the same direction, consistency in study until the gathering of wisdom drips from every ounce of your being, until your change of heart, change of mind and change of understanding, by sheer magnitude overwhelm your being and your behavior begins to show the transformation.

When others see your transformation and crave the same, financially, emotionally, physically, relationally, spiritually — any of the above or all of the above — then you will have significant and lasting impact.

Many “life coaches” have observed this phenomenon and decided to short cut the process. They will sell a “6 Figure Coaches Training” package, when their life is still a wreck. They will promise a great income, when the only income they have is from selling you the idea of having a great income. Self help is a $48,000,000,000 industry, and sadly, still life coaches commit suicide. WHY? Because many people sell a transformation they have never experienced.

My recommendation to anyone who chooses to serve others as an influencer by any title: life coach, clergy, therapist, counsellor, mentor, trainer, leader, et Al. You do you well first. Become a healthy, vibrant, fully alive, fully engaged, balanced person. Become a much improved version of you in all your roles. Seek out mentors and trainers and leaders and influencers in your own life who have done this already and follow their lead. When the evidence of your transformation becomes obvious to others, you will be well on your way, but don’t stop there.

When you gain a great enough level of influence to charge for your insights, you have an even greater responsibility to improve you and add value to others.

In the very end, in the ultimate end, who you are before Christ is ALL THAT WILL MATTER! Being the YOU He created you to be is the BIGGEST WINNING ever!


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