I am more than Thankful

In this vapor of time called my life, I realize the many times that I have stood at the precipice of great victory or unsurmountable defeat.

At many of those moments, it was the hand of a stranger who grasped my heart and saved me.

Many of them I will never really know. Many of those one time strangers are now my dearest life long friends. One of them took my name and chose to face the many trails of this life with me. For all of them I am grateful beyond imagination. If you sent me a birthday wish, you are counted among the great cloud of witnesses. You are the hope sent to me from Heaven that I not give up.

To my wife Karin all my kiddos… By birth and otherwise… Kassandra, Kristin, Amber, Nicole, Jesse, Zachary… And more to come I am sure: I truly Thank God Almighty for the gift of your presence in my life.

If I am to be the average of my 5 closest friends I want the first three to be The Father, Son and Holy Ghost… The other two are up for grabs.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

J Loren Norris

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