I am insuperable!

People struggling through life are living in a rut.

Warning signs of living in a rut:

Show up at work to simply go through the motions
Return home again to do the same
Work has no meaning
Productivity is suffering
Life has no zest
Everyday obstacles are overwhelming
Livelihood is in jeopardy
Work relationships begin to suffer
Training and motivation seems to fall on deaf ears
It is time to be insuperable and Live A More Excellent Life!

in·su·per·a·ble adj : incapable of being surmounted, overcome, passed over

It is time to bring out all the stops. The tools that have been used before are obviously not working. After years of listening to conventional wisdom and playing by someone else’s rules, the obstacles all get stacked up around us. Loren has adopted some rather uncanny methods and unusual tools to transform those obstacles into ammunition. What you need is a compelling vision!

VISION: A clear, passionate, compelling, purposeful image of the future you were created to live that brings joy and freedom to your heart and mind while expressing the greatest of your strengths, and talents.

What happens when a person has no vision?

When a person has no vision, life has no clarity. You live in a fog and feel lost and aimless in your own life. Even if you have worked hard and achieved some level of success, the rewards do not feel satisfying and fulfilling but rather seem to be expected. “That’s what I deserve after all the hard work I put in.” But if we were to ask “Why did you do it?” the answer would be vague, cloudy, fogged over.

When a person has no vision, life has no passion. You don’t wake up everyday with a zest for life and an overwhelming drive to take on any challenge and conquer the world. Life becomes ho-hum, mundane and boring. Your desires seem misplaced. You get addicted to things easily because they serve as grand distractions. Modern Warfare, Angry Birds and Fifty Shades of Grey take up every still moment in an effort to quash the deafening silence of a listless heart. You are restless for challenge, novelty, connection, caring and contribution but with out a picture for what your future will be you have no idea where to start. So you try something new. You head out on a quest for the biggest steak you can find and eat until the boredom subsides. Perhaps you just fall asleep and hope that when you wake up your dream life will begin.

When a person has no vision, their life is not compelling. Everyday life seems dull and will not compel you to take risks of adventure. That life will surely send you off to work to gain a paycheck, to pay your bills, you might even scurry off to soccer games and debate tournaments. It will not likely compel you to sell everything you own, buy a kayak and a 4×4 and head off to mount Kilimanjaro. It will not likely compel you to work three part time jobs while you earn your next degree. It will not likely compel you when you face rejection for your new ideas or ridicule from friends and family, or failure that costs significant time and money. Life without vision will not compel you to carry on, it will cause you to quit at the first obstacle, redirect to avoid confrontation or challenge, and take the path of least resistance.

When a person has no vision, life has no purpose. I do not mean a life without vision is not a life worth living. But I will challenge you to ask yourself this question: “If I have no idea about my life’s purpose, Am I really living?” Your life in the end is about the impact you make on others, the influence and compassion you exhibit to friends, family and strangers is a huge part of your existence. Without a vision you may just fade away as the pizza munchin’, game playing, no friends having type.

When a person has no vision, life has no joy. Joy is different from happiness. Happiness is generally a reflection of the moment, a bi-product. Happiness is found in great moments of high emotion and pleasure. Happiness can be extremely circumstantial. Imagine you have a brand new car. You enjoy driving it down the highway with the roof down and the music playing. You are happiest in that moment. Then a seagull flies over and makes a deposit into your lap. Your happiness could escape immediately and leave you very frustrated and angry. Joy is more a sense of delight that is related to a less myopic world view. It is more a sense of emotion attached to accomplishment of your basic human drives. Joy is less circumstantial and more rooted in being who you truly were made to be. Real joy is hard to shake. Real joy does not need that everything in every moment be going according to plan. Joy is deeply satisfying in any circumstance.

When a person has no vision, life has no freedom. When you have no freedom your options are limited. Your decisions are made for you and often dictated to you. Your ability to chose a path that you prefer and to do it your way at your pace does not exist. Freedom is the enemy of boredom. No one chooses to be bored. You are not free when you answer to someone else beck and call, unless you do so out of love. You are not free when every minute of every day, every ounce of your emotional and physical energy are spoken for by someone else’s agenda and every cent you earn is committed before you get it. Having a vision does not make you without commitment but it does make you free to choose your commitments.

When a person has no vision, life has no expression of strengths and talents. You will find yourself doing tasks oriented to your job that are not in line with the best that you have to offer. Almost any human can sweep a floor, type an email, or plug in a ribbon cable, but there are a select few who have the talents and strengths to be the best in the world at it. You could easily spend a great deal of your life performing a job for a paycheck, that never stretches you to perfect your strengths to the point of greatness or to express your talents in a way that is exciting to you.

Do I really need a vision for my life?

Only if you want a life of clarity, passion, and purpose. With a clear vision you will rally all of your greatest time, talent, treasure and attention and focus it on leaving a mark that will not be soon forgotten. So what mark will you leave? What is your Cisteen Chapel? Your Harry Potter series? Your iPhone? What will people say about you to generations that follow? Will they even know you were here? When your life has vision, it has the ability to leave an indelible mark in time. What will be your mark?

Where does MY vision come from?

That’s what Live A More Excellent Life is all about!

Live A More Excellent Life will help your team:

Find significance in work and play
Discover the passion that drives excellence
Kick the habits that keep people in ruts
Master the long lost art of appreciation
Develop leaders to maximum potential
Advance communication to the connection level
From his own book Live A More Excellent Life, J Loren Norris offers key note addresses, workshops, and coaching that will motivate, inspire and bring focus to people of all ages and professional levels.

For Loren, pains of the past, and the raging regret impacted every job, every relationship, every hobby. After being told for years that he could not, or should not pursue his lifelong dream, Loren began to reevaluate the input and the sources. The common theme was profound as was the common source. There are thousands of obstacles that come at us in life, but none of them are as damaging as the ones we create for ourselves. All the “tricks in the book” did not work. Boredom followed every small success. The only thing worse was the willingness to play at half speed and not commit to excellence. It was too easy to be above average with very little effort and excellence became passionless. The challenge was not there to push harder because the reward was not worth the trouble. Life was mundane. Life was a rut!

Those days are gone. The rut has been discovered and filled in and the highway to success and significance is being repaved with every stone that was once cast. There will still be bumps and missed turns, but Loren’s journey is now fueled by a vision that burns too bright to be ignored and a passion so intense that obstacles look for a way to escape.

“It is my passion to help you find your purpose. I want to see you become successful, but more than that to be free! ”

For more information or to book Loren contact Speaker@jlorennorris.com or call 214-783-9854

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