How to become a control freak in three easy steps

Drive in any major city in the US and you will quickly recognize some major players in the control freak universe. You too can become the ultimate control freak

Not only do they hog the road by swerving line to line until you fear trying to pass them, they also know exactly when you plan to change lanes and love to zip right into that spot as soon as you turn your signal on.

When you do finally get to work, or class, or the kid deposit lane, you are so worn out your that blood pressure is through the roof and you have to take 10 minutes to kill little green piggies just to calm down.

You know the minute you walk in the door to the office, the next realm of control freaks will take over. Teachers wanting school work to be completed, bosses wanting projects to be completed, peers demanding that you answer your email so they will know if you are going to the office birthday lunch or not… AAAGGGGHHHHGGGGG! When does it stop?!

I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is it will NEVER end! There will always be people demanding more attention than your mind has to give and more time than your day has in it.

Good news! You can be the control freak yourself. Yes, you heard me. You too can become the ultimate control freak.

Here is how in three easy steps.

First you gotta do what you gotta do! Decide what you want for an outcome in every situation. If you want to be happy that your teachers are not chasing you around like fire-breathing dragons, ward them off with some completed home work. If your boss is only a jerk when you are late to work for the 5th time this week, get out of bed earlier. If the same SUV cuts you off at the same stop sign everyday, leave two minutes earlier or take a different route.

Second don’t let the suckers have too much control of your mind. Just like Google and Yahoo limit your mail box storage space, you are only required to give them so much space in your head. When they reach the limit, cut them off. If you do what is expected of you to the best of your ability, their right to whine and complain is eliminated. Anything else they have to say, if it is of no value to making your life better, can simply be deleted.

Third control everything you can. You cannot control the weather, the traffic, the school bell, the time on the office wall clock, but you can control your efforts to cooperate with them. It is called diligence. But more than that, the one thing you have ultimate control over that no one can control but you is your attitude. That is where most people lose control first. Don’t let that happen to you. Choose to control your attitude no matter what happens to you or around you. Choose to be happy, in a good mood, smiling and resilient and the control freaks of the world will have to step aside and watch you grin.

Just remember you too can become a major control freak in three easy steps.

  1. You gotta do what you gotta do!
  2. Don’t let the suckers have too much control of your mind.
  3. Control everything you can.

Be in control my friend. It is the key to Live A More Excellent Life

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