How far are you from average?

It is the end of another year already. Did you accomplish all you set out to accomplish? Are all of your goals and dreams complete? Are you ready to set new goals and accomplish them?

If you are still too close to average your goals and dreams for 2012 might well look just like the ones you had for 2011.

If you are still too close to average, you likely found that much discipline and hard work is required to accomplish all your goals and it was easier to let them pass undone.

However, if you are above average you have likely faced each obstacle to accomplishment with teeth bared and pressed on. You have accomplished a great deal of your objectives and look forward to a new set of record breaking challenges.

Which group are you in? Are you too close to average? Are you just above average?

The difference is small on one hand do you quit to follow the path of least resistance or do you charge into obstacle with vigor and passion?

Results speak volumes. Average folks have average success. What about you?

Press in. Press on. Keep pushing to success.

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