How do you sell that?

I feel like I am selling left handed butter knives in a world filled with right handed, lactose intolerant people who suffer with high cholesterol.

I have found myself challenged of late with presenting myself to potential clients. Don’t get me wrong I am fairly confident in my selling ability and in the quality of products and services I offer (leadership and communications coaching, speaking and training) but I am challenged with how people respond when I mention what I do.

I get replies like “Oh yeah, we went to the County Courthouse and the State Capital and watched how they work for half a day.” “We know all about leadership and how it works.”

I want to reply to them: “I went to the car lot last week I am pretty sure I am a Jaguar now.”

The idea that leadership can be learned by visiting a few or a hundred government offices without studying the principles of leadership, the mechanics of influence and the purpose of integrity is almost laughable. Especially in light of how few of those things exist in government offices.

If you have encountered the same sentiment while talking to business and community people about leadership, I would love to hear your insights, experiences and how you navigated beyond that.

Remember leadership is no accident. Be intentional!

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