Hope is not lost for devestated families, but it must be revealed!

Karin and Loren have been invited to Pelotas Brazil in September of 2016, to share their story of trial and triumph in the face of a devastating addiction. 

HEROES NEEDED. (Click to help)
We will speak to the congregations and guests, share our story, offer hope, encouragement and advice. We will host a half day training for men struggling to live in the power of purity and women struggling to guard their hearts and minds in Christ while fighting for the sanctity of their relationship.

For years, the church has built ambulance stations at the bottom of the cliff of failure to offer aid to devestated families. We believe it is time to build some barricades at the top of the cliff to stop the carnage.
We need to raise money for airfare, visas, hotel and food for a seven to ten day trip to reach as many people as possible. 

We need to secure our trip with deposits for each element with in the next few months.

  • Will you please consider with a gift of any size? 
  • Will you consider having us speak to your group or congregation in this fund raising season?
  • Will you PRAY for wisdom, safety, and provision?

HEROES NEEDED. (Click to help)


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