Hear The Power of PDA From the Platform by J Loren Norris

It’s The Monthly Speaker Co-op Meeting. Come on out and join us and tell a friend.

At the Speaker Co-op Meetings we grow our community of speakers, share referrals, mastermind, and teach each other about Speaking As a Business Strategy.

2012 is our 7th Year!
The Speakers in the community we’ve grown have learned from each other, booked more engagements, and become more prosperous business people by working together. 

Who should attend?
• Business Experts
• Subject Matter Experts
• Entrepreneurs
• Marketing Professionals
• Consultants
• Coaches
• Authors
• Entertainers
• Speakers

Plan to join us early enough to mingle, order your lunch and get seated by 11:45.

The meeting is $25. Lunch is free.

11:15  Sign-in and find a seat before mingling

11:45  Meeting Begins – Jeff Klein, Facilitator

12:00  Introductions – Advertiser?, 2 Topics, 2 Groups, Your Name

12:20  Advertiser Spotlight – Selected from Advertisers present.

12:25  Keynote Speaker – J Loren Norris – The Power of PDA From the Platform.

12:45  Mastermind – Discussions, Ideas, & Action Items about the Power of PDA.

1:00   Success Stories & Wins

1:10    BRIEF Announcements– Advertise, Volunteer, Meet with each other,

1:15    Meeting Ends

Who Should Know About The Speaker Co-op?

·  Professionals who want to grow their businesses using Speaking As a Business Strategy.

·  Speakers who want to branch out, speak more, and advance their speaking career.

·  Coaches, authors, trainers, and consultants who want to grow their businesses.

·  Those responsible for finding the next great speaker for their organization, event, club, or company.

Remember to refer the groups you’re speaking for to www.SpeakerCoop.com for more great presenters.

Feel free to contact me with questions,
Jeff Klein

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