Growth in the Holy Spirit

The text below was sent to me by a teenaged boy. He has been homeschooled all of his life because public schools would have labeled and marginalized him as dyslexic and ADHD. His spelling is not the best and the grammar needs polished, but if you can look past that, you might see a heart shining bright in a dark generation.

PS I am proud to call him my son!

J Loren NorrisAttitude Engineer
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Begin forwarded message:

From: DJ Jesse <djjesserocks>
Date: September 13, 2013, 5:04:26 PM CDT
To: J Loren Norris <jlorennorris>
Subject: Growth in the Holy Spirit

1.Most people don’t know what it truly feels like to stand still and know the presence of god. They are blinded by the temptation that the devil puts in front if the they choose to follow the flesh and tune away from god. (I think this quote from sun stand still is a perfect example to help me explain).


2.Some people don’t under stand that god is in control of there lives. But most people want to control there own lives like a runner with no shoes on if you run Bear footed you will get an infection that’s what the enemy dose he’s the infection in your foot when you run with no shoes. (I think the quote from Dave Ramsey on “you’ll get through this” by max is a good example of how to let god be you running shoes).


3.Jesus’ follower were very close to him but not as close as they would have hoped to be there was only one of them that thought he was closer than all of the rest. he witnessed to people about the coming of jesus he baptized people in the name of The father the son and the holy spirit and baptized jesus him self and still he wanted to be closer to him. But only the father is the closet to Jesus. (This part of spiritual growth is dedicated to John the Baptist the man who baptized Jesus).

4.If people would sit and search for god more often they would find a small secrets about him each time they look for him in mark it says “seek and you will find knock and it will be opened” most of the time people don’t seek so they don’t find and they don’t knock so its never opened. If you take the time to seek you will also find the time to knock .(I think this quote from the secret things of god by dr. Henry cloud is a good example to how we should start our search for the secrets).

5.This thought came to me just before the message ended Wednesday night sorry it doesn’t have a quote from a book but it is unique all on its own. If we don’t start going “ALL IN” we will never start seeking the secrets of god and never find the kingdom. when we start going all in to faith and truly live in faith then we will truly seek and find the secrets power of god burning mountains of wood wet or dry walking on water and riding on eagles wings and seek demons like Zach neese did and proclaiming the kingdom of god.

This has been “growth in the Holy Spirit” with jesse norris I hoped you loved it feel free to send your comments via text thank you and have a blessed day.

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