“God sent you as a gift to me” and other crazy things my wife has said saved our marriage.

When sexual addictions creep into a relationship they are painful, destructive, embarrassing and ruthless.

All too often the addiction is kept hidden until the damage it has done seems beyond repair.

My wife and I would love to share what our 20 year journey has taught us, what victory looks like and what God has done in and for our relationship to first survive and then thrive.

We will also share a lot about “his” behavior and “her” reactions.

Some of the issues and questions we present include:

What goes on in her thoughts and emotions once discovery of his behavior comes to light?

How can she determine if he is making progress toward reconciliation and purity?

What warning signs should SHE look for to help “guard HIS thoughts?”

What can she do to support his healing and restoration toward being a good husband, respectable father and faithful man of God?

With men I directly address:
• Attitude and mindset
• The cycle of destruction
• The process of renewing the mind
• “HOW TO”of taking every thought captive
• WHAT does it mean to make a thought obedient?
• Countering temptation with Excellence.

If your group or church can cover travel, expenses and a love offering please contact us to get to know each other.

See a brief video of our story here.

Compassionate, real and humorous, Loren impacts the lives of everyone he meets. He inspires audiences with wisdom, motivation, and hope. His story is transparent and transforming … His life is a refreshing “victim to victor story” … one that will encourage the heart of any audience. Loren frequently reminds audiences, “Regardless of your past; the mistakes you have made and what has been ‘done to you’, how you see you and the attitude you carry through life will determine your future.”

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