Goal setting and achieving in 12 steps.

1. What do you want exactly?
net worth

2. Be specific detailed clear and measurable

3. Set a deadline
break it down into tasks

4. Identify any obstacles
Are they real? Or excuses?
Theory of contraints: there is really one bottle neck that sets the speed at which you achieve your goals… Whats behind that? And whats behind that?

Apply the 80/20 rule. 80% internal like a lack of self discipline or a specific skill etc.

5. Identify the knowledge, information or skills you need to achieve your goal.
You cannot achieve more than you already have today without the addition of new skills. Or you already would have.

What is your weakest key skill? It can limit your income for life?

What one key skill if developed and done excellently would have the greatest positive impact on you achieving your major goal.

6. Identify the people whose help, assisstance or cooperation you will need to achieve your goal.
Whats in it for them?
Build a large network/ platform/ tribe to help you.

7. Make a list of everything you will have to do to achieve your goal.
List skills, steps, people, money and all resources to reach your goal. Assess obstacles, skills to acquire and steps. This process increases the odds of success by 10 fold.
Anything can in the world can be accomplished if broken down into small enough steps.

8. Organize your list into a plan.
First organize by sequence
Next organize by priority

9. Make a plan.
Write it out in detail. Planning is measured 10:1 against execution. For each planning minute you save 10 working.

Plan each day the night before.
Plan each month ahead of time.

10. Select your #1 most important task for each day.
The most valuable use of time toward the accomplishment of my goal if I could only do one thing today.
Focus= you are absolutely clear about what it is you want to accomplish.
Concentration= Dedicate yourself to the accomplishment of those goals.

11. Develop the HABIT of self discipline.
This is the #1 indicator of success in every area of life.
Do the most important task first and with 100% focus. This increases productivity and efficiency 500%. Single mindedly!!

Don’t do anything at all until that task is done. Self esteem comes from task completion. It will build character and confidence.

12. Practice visualization on your goals.
Create clear vivid realistic images. See yourself in that image clearly. Experience that image whenever possible.

Focus on the mental picture and emotion of that goal realized.

Visualization activates the superconcious mind when the images of your vision are combined with a burning to desire.

If goals are set well and with all these things in mind, these goals seem to achieve themselves. We must focus on propely setting goals and tracking or progress.

For full details see Brian Tracy’s Free Webinar. It was recorded.

Have great day.

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