Go lead yourself

If you want to lead, do it. Start with the face you see in the mirror each day. There are three areas you must master in your personal leadership to become a great leader of others.

First lead your character.
Character counts. Integrity is a great starting point for great leadership. Integrity is doing what you know is right even when you think no one is looking. Sometimes that is hard to do. Sometimes integrity requires you to publicly admit a mistake or apologize. You will find that relationships with integrity breed more of  the same. When you are willing to be direct and honest that people generally respond in kind.

Next lead your attitude.
If you did not read my post a few days ago, Three easy steps to be a control freak, please read that as well. Attitude leads how you feel. How you feel leads how you react to people you encounter. How you react to people you encounter will directly impact the influence you have in that relationship. If you want to gain leadership influence in the lives of others, lead your attitude.

Third, lead your perspective.
You cannot always change the circumstances around you but you can change the way you look at them. Even when the worst things in life stand at your doorstep screaming in your face, you can stand up with courage and hold your deepest passions. It is hard to overcome painful times. It is discouraging to stand when you feel abandoned. It takes unbelievable strength to walk on when you feel like the world is against you. Only you can choose how you will view the things that come into your life. You can choose to stare at the things that come into your view as obstacles or as steps. You can see these things as an attack  against you, or as opportunities  to demonstrate your character and display your attitude against all odds.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, in the face of pain, loss or tragedy and walk with your chin up truly believing that the best is yet to come, you will successfully lead yourself and find others are following you with a burning passion!

Lead your character. Lead your attitude. Lead your perspective. Lead these well and you could lead the world.

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