Get an Attitude!

Relationships are MESSY! Even and especially our relationship to the Almighty. In other relationships we have the distinct advantage of vagueness, misleading, deception and even outright untruth. We can lie to a friend, a spouse , even to ourself. But He is not fooled, nor will He be mocked.

We will surely find ourselves toe to toe with the death of self, standing face to face with Truth himself. Why be coy? Why deceive ourselves? Why NOT pursue the only one who promises never to hide, deceive, mislead or even to be coy with us?

We need to fellowship with Him and and He longs to fellowship with us. Not only that, but also He passionately seeks and patiently waits for us to bring to Him our friends.

Face Him. Stand firm. Be changed. Draw all men nigh!

That’s an Attitude of Worship.


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