Gen Y employees can present a challenge.

One challenge today’s leaders are facing is that of the significant difference in attitude between the existing generation of workers “the boomers” “the Gen Xers”, and “the Gen Y”.

The perception of hard work, the value of discipline, the loyalty to employer and to excellence is different in each age bracket.

This makes determining their motivations complicated, assigning responsibility difficult and measuring against set expectations and standards near impossible.

Many of the youngest people entering the workforce are doing so with some seriously skewed ideas of work/ value/ income and the relationship to other team members as well as to personal responsibility.

One to one or small group mentoring will help! Outside of job or vocation centric training, there are skills that must be mastered to be a successful contributor in any field.

We can help! With targeted and specific, directly guided mentoring materials designed to develop an individual through the “9 Lessons of Mastery” and the “9 Attitudes to Live A More Excellent Life.”

There are now three levels of coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs, small businesses and non profit organizations offered by Attitude Engineer J Loren Norris.

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