Freedom of choice! Genetic or epigenetic?

You have freedom of choice! You are not bound to react, respond or even reproduce in a specific way.

“I got it from my momma!”
“It runs in the family.”
“I was just born this way.”

“If ______ had never happened to me, my life would be different.”

We all have some deep seated issues we would love to ignore, conquer or explain away; like obesity, diabetes, bad eyesight.

We all have some challenges that need a new perspective, like a propensity to addictions, being victimized repeatedly, or laziness.

Do you realize how much power your thoughts and choices have in your life?

Did you know you can undo what “family heritage” has done to you?

Do you want to truly let go of the past and move into the future of the real you? The you you were made to be? The you they YOU choose to be?

Join us for

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