FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE – Excellent Life Leadership Seminar

We are ready for a day of serious learning, stretching and growing.

Who is Excellent Life Leadership Seminar designed for?

Two primary groups: those starting out in life, and those starting over in life.

Men and women of all ages, education and career levels who believe personal growth is key to success.
Those ready to achieve another level in their life, career and relationships through awareness and mastery.
People who passionately pursue every opportunity to become more of the person they were made to be.

How is the Excellent Life Leadership Seminar experience different?

An in-depth interactive workshop where all material is focused on the value of personal growth and reflection.

A supportive environment to discuss life changing circumstances – both self created and survived through (bad habits, abuse, tragedies, disasters)

Four strategic areas encompass a few lessons each that we all need to master in the course of life.
Designed to raise awareness in these strategic areas with regard to life, business, relationships and faith.
Offers strategies for success to better prepare for the future, create and live out the life you were made for.

Attitude is a choice.
Attitudes drive action.
What attitude drives you?

611 N Little School Rd
Kennedale Texas

Men come early for FREE pancake breakfast.




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