Free or a gift?

“A friend in need is a friend indeed!” I think that means everyone in great need will be your bestest friend ever when they know you have something they need. But regardless the value of the item they expect to get it at no charge.

Perhaps you have a great widget at a garage sale. It was worth $20 when you bought it so you should be able to sell it for $10 but the best offer you got was $2 so you kept it. Now what is it really worth? Nothing? $20? $2?

If someone really needed it they would give an arm and a leg for it. If they really wanted it they would sell what they have to get it. But if they only kinda want it they will wait for you to set it out with the garbage and then just take it.

As public speakers, trainers, and entertainers we find a similar challenge. In January spring dates are plentiful and reasonably high priced because they are normally in high demand.

By March the dates get a bit cheaper as panic sets in that they will not get filled. Then by April you book anything that comes up and find some people want your best dates for nothing and others will pay anything because they are desperate. As June arrives you take a deep breath and realize you sold everything possible in May and made money and regret some of the dates you gave away.

So here is my question for you. What was the value of the service you offered? Was it the January price? The March price or the value averaged at the end of May when it was all said and done?

What about the events or services you got paid nothing for? Were they worth FREE or were they a gift of great value?

I would love to hear your opinion. If you comment, I will reply with what I think.

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