Follow up leadership question: Confidence vs competence.

"Some would think you can't lead AT ALL until you have your whole show together."

Follow up leadership question: Confidence vs competence.


“This has been rolling around in my head for 24 hrs – Confidence vs competence. We never STOP learning, and we never really “ARRIVE” until we meet Christ … so as we learn we can still lead, right? As long as we are not ‘puffing ourselves up’ but imparting what we have learned/applied – right? We can also be ‘witnesses’ and point people to where our resources are, inviting them to travel with us on the journey. I see and have given testimonies for things I have experienced, gone though, grown/learned from – so I can have confidence in that, and lead folks who maybe a few steps behind me – right? Sorry – I’m probably splitting hairs, but I really want to understand this point. Some would think you can’t lead AT ALL until you have your whole show together … I don’t know if that’s completely realistic or helpful to those who are in the trenches behind you whom you could help. My husband works in Psych, and my experience has primarily been with Special Needs (Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Down’s, Etc) and I’m working in a few other situations (working, volunteering, being mentored) now – so maybe this is why I have the pov I do. Another is that I know people who’d be paralyzed with the thought they could never ‘be’ and so therefore won’t try/why bother – it would take too long. 😞 Welcome your insight/thoughts on this – I really desire to apply this where I am as well as where I”m going. I, again, appreciate your time. I promise I do not want to cross lines re: asking your response vs being in a mentoring relationships with you. If I have crossed that line, please let me know. Again, much appreciation and thanks.


No worries. Just know your answers are public and generalized so as to add value to as many people as possible. Coaching or mentoring has a much more direct, individualized or specified application.
To over simplify my answer. Forgive the sports analogy but picture this:
Remember that silly game where the contestants rest their head on a baseball bat and spin around a dozen times then race around the bases? If the majority of the “issues” of life are still “spinning” either on the bat or in your mind as you run, no one should be trying to follow you. You’re wandering, directionless, misleading, whether intentionally or not.
If you on the other hand are rounding second in full stride – you still have a distance to cover, but your progress is evident, your direction sure, your steps consistently progressive and your influence duly noted. This does not mean you won’t be “hotboxed” by the shortstop or tagged out as you slide into home, but you have shown the ability to get out of the batters box without striking out. That provides something to learn from, to teach from and a basis to build upon.
Your proven ability provides something to learn from, to teach from and a basis to build upon. Not yet ready to coach an MLB team, but more than adequate for a church softball team or maybe even little league.
Excellent! Thank you so much!!!! Great illustration – I get it, and have put the questing of myself to rest, as well as be able to express this to others adequately. Thank you, thank you!
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