Focus is the secret weapon of the entrepreneur

When it comes to getting things done in a productive manner it is critical to know that what you got done is needle moving work and that you will benefit as much from doing the work as from the result of having it done.

The key to this type of exerted effort is laser like focus.

This focus must be acquired, applied and accurate.

Acquired focus.
Acquired focus comes over time, it is the result of diligently seeking and relentlessly pursuing the greatness you were made for. This type of focus is reserved for those who have ferreted out their greatest gifts, awakened their deepest passions and honed their greatest skills.

Repeated acquired focus is a mandatory skill to learn for leaders. Repeated focus brings clarity and without clarity you are driving your life and your business into a deep dense fog.

Applied focus.
Once you have acquired the focus area of your life and begun to see it more clearly you will find it is a small fragment of a large image for your overall plans. This area should receive great amounts of time and attention because it is so critical to your success.
We get what we focus on most of the time. So the moment clarity of purpose, passion and plan arise together, you are working in your sweet spot. Keep focusing there. They may look like more time at the free throw line if your acquired focus is basketball. It may look like volunteering your time to mentor young people if your acquired focus is teaching or coaching.

Accurate focus.

The biggest challenge I witness with coaching clients and students is the lack of focus in their life in general and the second biggest challenge is having a focus (time and energetic consuming commitment to tasks) that will have no short or long term impact on their success.

You must spend time reflecting, planning and searching your passions, skills and gifts to acquire your area of focus. Then you must apply effort to that area of focus to see results. You must apply that focus to your life and no one else’s.

Live A More Excellent Life: Be Insuperable.


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