Five simple steps to a brighter future through internal communication skills.

Internal communication skills training is the power of attentive reflection.

Intentional deep thinking and reflection leads to greater decision making, emotional balance and self discipline. Peace, happiness and intelligence will follow.

What stories are you telling yourself?
How diverse and different are the story lines in your head right now?
Are you thinking about taxes, the mortgage, plans for the summer, the Facebook posts you just read and the ensuing arguments in the comments section?
Do you feel the stress and strain of daily life?
Does anxiety cause your heart to race when one of these circumstances crosses your mind?
That emotional turmoil is all about internal communication.

Research shows this form of communication holds the most powerful influence on your health, your peace, your intelligence and your overall life success.

“Social media bombardment is a process of constant streams of new bite sized information before the previous information has even been digested, this is not stimulation, just bombardment which leads to a habit of milkshake-multitasking.

“Milkshake-multitasking decreases our attention, making us less able to focus on our thought habits. This opens us up to shallow and weak judgements and decisions, and it results in passive mindlessness.”
Switch on Your Brain (P 102)

“To think positively about our prospects, we must be able to imagine ourselves in the future. Our brains may have stamps from the past, but they are being rewired by our EXPECTATION of the future. Imagining a positive future reduces the pains of the past. Hope leads to expectation, which creates peace, excitement and health in our minds, thus increasing brain and body health.”

(P 100) Emphasis mine.

Did you get that?

You have the choice, the power, the opportunity and the authority to write the script. Imagining a better future through deep reflective thought (not just fantasy) but thinking through the steps, the process and the outcome you desire for the future, will bring you to even deeper thought, increased intellect and greater peace. In the process it will decrease the pains of the past.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you reflect, meditate or pray.
If I knew what my purpose in life really is, what would it be?
What are the greatest natural gifts that I possess?
If I could write the next three chapters of my life’s book, what would they be?
If I could paint a portrait of me five years from now, doing what I want, where I want, with whom I want, what would that picture look like?

Five simple steps to a brighter future through internal communication skills.
1. Sit down with a pencil and journal.
2. Commit twenty minutes every day of undivided attention.
3. Focus ONLY on answering these four questions.
4. Write out your answers in as much detail as you can.
5. For the next 20 days re-read these answers and add to them.

If you are brave enough to share your answers, please put them in the comment section below.

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