Five hard realities about teenaged sons of single mothers. 

For single mothers, raising teenaged boys is possibly the toughest job on earth.

There are single mothers all over the US and the world who are raising young men the best they know how, with limited resources, limited time, strained hearts and shattered dreams. These mothers fight against video games, culture, media, the justice system and peers for the respect of their sons. Trying to maintain authority as a parent is increasingly difficult,  especially for a mom as her son grows into a man. 

Understanding and addressing these five realities will prove crucial to the future of our country and perhaps civilized society as we know it. 

1. We are at WAR!

An invisible war rages for the hearts, minds and souls of every human alive. It is not a conventional war, both the weapons and the damage are often invisible to the naked eye. The loss of this war means an eternal loss, not recoverable. 

2. It takes a man to make a man. 

As hard as moms are willing to work, sacrifice, invest and transform, boys need real men to model if they are to become who the Maker made them to be. Boys need a mentor with the moxy to set boundaries, teach and demonstrate respect, challenge the ideas of peers and culture, and then speak the truth in love. 

3. Men are unique in all creation. 

The male of the human species has tendencies, innate desires, all consuming passions that are specific only to males of the human race. When suppressed, castigated, blocked or removed these passions can become detrimental to families, culture and society at large… Perhaps even deadly!

4. All men require the influence of leadership
From boy to man, from school room to boardroom, from the church house to the White House, people do what people see, for better or for worse. Boys need real men, emotional men, authentic men, influential men, spiritual men, fearless men to lead them to be the same kind of men.  

5. Leading men to lead men is a calling. 

Equipping boys to become men is a tough calling. We need men who know and understand the truth, submit to it and live by it. We need men who are willing to feel, to admit wrong, to speak against wrong doing, to act against wrong doing, to influence others to do right. Our world needs more Godly men. 

As a product of a single parent household, I know how hard my mom sacrificed, scraped, toiled and cried to raise us. My mom did an incredible job. 

By addressing these five crucial areas in the lives of sons of single mothers all over the world, we can empower them to become powerful men of purity and influence. These men will in turn be trained to do the same for generations to come. 

Committed to Action

Five years ago I committed my time, talent and resources to becoming a person of influence as a Certifed Speaker, Trainer and Coach for The John Maxwell Team. 

As a Founding Partner, I have seen the JMT grow from the first 100 to well into the thousands. JMT is now represented all over the Earth. 

Aplying what I have studied, learned and lived in raising my sons, I support single mothers in their efforts to raise Godly men through coaching and mentoring. 

We are currently studying “Becoming A Person Of Influence” every Monday in my office at 7am. As school starts back we will add a Saturday morning class at 10am. (Date to be announced soon.)

If you know a single mother with a teen aged son, please spread the word that those young men are welcome to join us for this class FREE OF CHARGE. Email me at for details. 

I will also be traveling to Brazil in September to talk to Business Leaders about their faith and influence. 

With your help, we can take the needed resources, books, CDs, videos and online classes, seminars, and training tools to these boys. 

Please pray about how you might to help equip the sons of single mothers to become Excellent Life Leaders. 

We need a new generation of Godly men. Together we can influence these boys to become men who change the world. 


Four books that could change a young man’s life. 

Twenty five years ago, while brand new in the US Air Force, I read a novel that profoundly changed my life. Not only because of the content and quality of the book, but because it awakened in me a passion to read more. 

The next three books I read began shaping the vision that still drives me today. 

These four books are still on my book shelf. Probably not the originals, because I keep giving them away, but they are read and re-read regularly. I buy copies of all four of these books every time I see them used and discounted so I can pass them on to others. 

Here are those four books:

  1. This Present Darkness – by Frank Peretti
  2. Bring Up Boys – by Dr James Dobson
  3. Wild At Heart – by John Eldridge
  4. Becoming A Person of Influence – by John Maxwell 

These were the first four books I voluntarily read cover to cover in my life. 

While I have read and studied literally hundreds perhaps thousands of books in the past 25 years, these remain (after scripture) the foundations of my vision, my purpose and my life. 

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