Where do you commit your time?

You may never say, “Facebook is important to me.” But if you spend three hours on Facebook and 20 minutes with your family… What do they believe is important to you?

“The most important thing to me is my education.” Do you spend three hours on your homework and 20 minutes with your friends or 20 minutes on your homework and three hours with your friends?

A teenager has $20 a week from babysitting money or an allowance. Immediately they buy a new app for their iPhone and ten songs from iTunes. They’re busted again. That shows where their priorities are.

These choices are typical for a teenager. But if you continue this habit of spending and not saving for too long, you will soon find you have $5,000 worth of music but you are still trying to figure out how to buy a car.

It’s been said, “Where the treasure is, that’s where your heart will be also.” The things you commit your resources to; your time, your talent, your finances and your focus, that’s where your priorities are.

Do I need a vision?

Your goals should determine where you invest your time, your talent, your treasure and your attention. Your vision dictates where your priorities really should be. If you want to know where someone’s priorities are, look at their day timer, the calendar on their phone, look at their checkbook register. That’s where their priorities really are.

If you want out of this rut, you must assess where you are, how you got there and what can be done differently to get free. That starts with defining your own priorities, then applying the currencies of life in a practical way.

Here is the path we will travel through this book as we journey together to a more excellent life:

  • Vision determines goals  


  • Goals drive habits


  • Habits demonstrate priorities


  • Good habits lead to accomplishing your goals


  • Goals that are accomplished lead to fulfilling your vision


  • Your vision is the destiny you are striving for


  • Your core values help frame your vision


  • Your WHY will be the canvas on which your vision is painted


Before we begin to decide what habits we need to encourage and which ones we need to banish, we need to know WHY? We need to talk about motivations, priorities, goals, visions, core values, and what all that has to do with what time you brush your teeth every day. This exercise will help you develop your vision statement.

Vision is the foundation upon which you will build a new you.

There are several tools needed to get at the heart of establishing your vision, setting goals that will get you to that vision in one piece and creating or eliminating the habits along the way that will prevent any delay in your journey.

To gain clarity about your purpose, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a vision of what life will be after this rut?


  • How does this habit impact my vision?


  • Do I have goals that will mark the way to my vision?


  • What goals will this habit help me reach?


  • What goals will this habit delay or hinder?


Once your vision has been established in your mind, then you can commit to those things that are most important. You know that when you look at the amount of time that you spend on any particular thing it reveals what is really important.

Tomorrow we will embark on a Vision Exercise.

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