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Leaders and communicators must start with a clear vision to be great influencers.


Without a vision for the future, personal and professional leadership development as well as superior communication skills training, many of today’s young leaders will spend the rest of their life asking “Do you want fries with that?”

J Loren Norris delivers an inspiring message about the need for a vision in life and leadership. This video excerpt was from a keynote speech delivered to 2500 high school students at Euless Trinity High School – Trojan Talk Assembly on 9-25-12 as the kick off for a one year student leadership mentoring program called the Nine Lessons of Mastery.

leadership coach buttionLeadership Development

Improving your leadership skills, communication skills and listening skills will improve the depth and quality of your story. Whether guided curriculum or one to one coaching to address specific life and leadership issues, Loren will teach, train, instruct and hold you accountable to develop the leader in you to the highest level.


story transformation button micCommunication Skills Training

Whether you speak to thousands of people at a time, or less than a dozen people per year, your communication skills can be improved.

Bring the power of World Class Storyteller J Loren Norris to your everyday communications skills.

“People every day stand up and ask for help only to walk away with empty hands because they cannot connect with the people to whom they wish to appeal. More sales have been lost, more relationships damaged, more leaders abandoned, more visions not embraced and more causes not joined due to poor communication skills than by any other means.” J Loren Norris

conference speaker buttonConference Speaker

As one of the nations emerging conference speakers, Loren travels throughout the United States and Brazil sharing leadership principles with diverse audiences. His real-life experiences, though difficult and challenging, have equipped him to bring wholeness & purpose to others who have experienced pain, insecurity or emotional abuse. Whether speaking to men, youth, corporate leaders or homeless veterans, Loren’s passion for transforming lives shines through his life & message.

“Loren is exciting, engaging and very entertaining!” ~ Mike Arnold, CEO

“As Loren retold stories of people in the audience, I laughed and cried at the same time. When he retold my story it completely changed my attitude about my story and my past.” ~ Ralph Grimes, RVP



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