Emotional tug of war

As the sunset blazed through the open window, my mind went back to another scene just like this only many years before. Suddenly, this picturesque moment became a deep and palpable recollection of pain. As the memories flooded my mind, the emotions shook me to the core, the heartache, the loss, the questions of what will the future be like now, all raged inside.

Rocking back and forth trying to fight back the tears before anyone saw them, I hurt in a way I could not understand. On the one hand I had prayed that this moment one come and on the other hand had no idea how bad it would hurt when it did….

Are you with me?

Are you connected to this emotional tug of war?

Have you ever felt like everything you wished for was suddenly a curse when it came to you?

The art of great storytelling rests in the communion of emotions. Sharing what you feel or felt in a way that is relatable to those you are telling.

The power of influence (true leadership) rests in connecting with your audience on common emotional, social or intellectual ground.

I teach others to possess the power of true leadership and to convey their most compelling vision by communicating in a brief and powerful way.

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