Don’t talk. Do.

Have you ever found yourself looking back on all the things you could have accomplished wondering why so few of them actually were?

Do you ever get down on yourself because you feel like a failure compared to your own dreams and aspirations for yourself?

I am with you. I too have big dreams and aspirations. I want one day to be a world reknown public speaker and coach. I want one day to be a best selling author. I want to be debt free and teach my children to do the same. But day after day the bills come in, the books sit gathering dust in the back of my mind and I sit silently over my coffee waiting for the “big break.”

I recently heard a phrase thay really struck a chord and resonated deeply with me, “action trumps everything!”

So I committed with absolute resolve to blend this action philosophy with the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln. When asked how he would go about chopping down a tree in two hours he replied, “I would spend the first hour sharpening my axe and the last hour chopping down the tree.”

While action may well trump everything toward results, action that is not preceeded with thought, vision and purpose soon gets lost in a fury of futility.

Action is how things get done!

Buy without why, there is no passion to get them done so action soon fades.

As John Maxwell said, “I became an overnight success, it only took me 20 years to do it.”

Identify your WHY. Choose an action plan that will get you closer to your vision. Then take ACTION.

I have made more progress toward each of my major life goals in the last 12 months than any other time in my life. I finished my first book, competed in the World Championship of Public Speaking and joined the John Maxwell Team to get world class training in Speaking and Coaching.

I am taking action, and I know why!

“It is my passion to see you find your purpose. I want to see you become successful, but more than that to be free.”

Have you been in a Mastermind yet?

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