Don’t go there!

Have you discovered the purpose for your own existence or do you simple live your average life in the rat race and anguish inside that you could have been great at something? It was more than twenty years between the vision of my life purpose and my inescapable passion to pursue it.

I was driving down a peaceful country road in a beautiful red convertible sports car. As I rounded the turn and the sunset sparked through the tall pine trees, I came up on a detour sign. The barricade sat right in the middle of my lane. I followed the directions and turned on to the newly marked road.

A few miles down this new road, the pavement ran out and I was on a dirt road. That road was soon a rough path at best, filled with ruts, ditches and rocks. I could feel the grind of the chassis against the rocks. The tree limbs screeched like finger nails on the chalk board as they dug deep into the luscious cherry red paint. My gorgeous little sports car was becoming a pitiful wretch.

Soon the rock road became a path more like a wagon trail. Then suddenly I found myself clear of the trees in the middle of a field with no road or trail to be found. As I scanned the horizon, I spotted just a hint of blacktop and a yellow line through the lower branches in the distance. I limped my battered stallion back onto the roadway, pointed my wheels toward the sunset again and took in a great sigh of relief.

As I readjusted my mirrors, I noticed a startling sight behind me. Less than fifty yards back I could see that same barricade flashing in the fading daylight. As the cars approached dutifully signaling their turn onto the deceptive course, I realized each car was driven by my friends and family.

I was enraged, furious and incensed at the thought that they would endure the same rotten adventure. The path that had delayed my journey, destroyed many hopes and left me wandering aimlessly would soon do the same for them. I had to run with all I was worth to tell them. “Don’t turn! Don’t follow that misleading marker! Have faith! Hold on to hope! Stay the course just a little while longer!”

As a motivational speaker, trainer and leadership coach, I am finally living out the purpose of my life. Whether you find yourself at that place in the road where the detour sign is just coming into sight or you have already run the course of the wagon trail, we should talk. It is my passion to help you find your purpose!

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