Your child NEEDS A MENTOR!

How much further ahead would your kids be, having an extra adult in their life?

“How Mentors Help:

Research has found that children with adult mentors do better in school and act more responsibly. According to MENTOR, when compared to their peers these kids are 52% less likely to skip a day of school, 46% less likely to use illegal drugs, and 27% less likely to drink alcohol. Many parents seek the help of mentors because they want to expose their children to more opportunities. “All of them (parents), regardless of the situation, want things better for their kids,” LaFleur says.

Mentors can show kids the importance of doing well in school, take them to concerts or museums, expose them to things they may not have otherwise experienced. This relationship helps children see their own potential to be successful. A mentoring relationship could also open up opportunities for children to meet people who have jobs they may be interested in, allowing them to network and learn about what it takes to start on a certain career path. “You want to be a lawyer? Why? Because they are rich and have a fancy office,” says Rich Davis, who coordinates the program at Covenant to Care for Children. “OK. Let’s visit one and see what it takes.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters has found that mentors also make the lives of parents easier. Parents’ lives are less stressful when they can count on another trusted adult to take an active role in their children’s growth and development. A mentor is an adult in a child’s life – other than their parent – who is there to listen to kids share things they may not feel like talking to Mom and Dad about. “We can be seen as a reprieve, just by giving the busy mom a break,” LaFleur says.

What if the Mentor was also a trained and certified leadership coach?

What if the Mentor had been working with young people 8-14 for almost 20 years?

What if the Mentor had a unique and simple training program designed to teach basic life and relationship skills focused attitudes, leadership, vision and communication skills?

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