Do you use The Power of PDA?

We have reached a place in society that certain employees expect that constant barrage of fluffy kind words of feel good. Without them, they question their worth. They accuse you, to your boss, of being disconnected, not caring about them personally, or not even being aware they exist.

Contrast that with the old school bosses, who would more likely say, “It’s about time you show up. Your shift starts in five minutes. We have worked for the last 20 minutes without you.”

We have gone from a Mental Toughness Generation to Me Too Generation.

What was once, “I believe your team lost the game because you have to be willing to run and kick to play soccer.” Is now, “Oh my gosh, you showed up for the game, here’s your ribbon.”

EVERYONE is impacted by PDA! The remaining answers will empower you to use it for greater influence!

“Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.” Dr. John C Maxwell.

If you want to influence others, encourage them to be themselves and to do it well!

Bring The Power of PDA to your next awards banquet or staff workshop and you will see the impact for yourself.

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