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 J Loren Norris -Independent Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach

  • Youth Leadership (School wide assemblies plus weeks of follow up) – Touching on the four basic pillars of leadership qualities for teens 14-18. Anti bullying, Overcoming Failure, Core Values, Self Image. Call to schedule a meeting with Loren and your team to customize the presentation for your students. Also ask how you can qualify for the assembly presentation to be offered at NO CHARGE!
  • Leadership principles from Dr. John C. Maxwell – 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, and much more. Master Mind Groups, Seminars, and Lunch & Learn Workshops. (Coaching is available as well.)
  • Live a More Excellent Life – Have you ever tried to paint a picture with a banana? Drive a nail with a champagne glass? Or mow the lawn with a spoon? Then why try to bring about the lasting change that leads to success with the same tools that have failed you in the past? Success should not be a secret.
  • The Power of PDA – Learn the powerful impact appreciation could have on your clients, vendors, and employees.
  • Finding Your Sweet Spot – Purpose, passion and plan. Life is so much sweeter when you are operating in your strengths, loving what you do and have a plan to make money doing it.

J. Loren Norris is author of Live A More Excellent Life (available on and creator of More Excellent Life Challenge and The Power of PDA.

Loren says, “I am passionate about overcoming obstacles in life, both personal and professional and leading others to excellence.”
He is a Founding Team Member of the John Maxwell Team of Independent Certified Coaches, Speakers and Trainers.
He is also a full time Professional Entertainer and active member of Toastmasters International. He was a Semi Finalist in the 2011 World Championship of Public Speaking, a competition of over 30,000 contestants.

In 2010, Loren entertained at more than 175 events as a Speaker, MC, and Karaoke host. Loren sets himself apart by successfully engaging any crowd. Whether entertaining 21 seven-year-old girls for a birthday party, speaking to 500 college graduates, engaging 400 employees at a corporate Karaoke Team Building Event, or 30,000 muddy runners at the Warrior Dash, Loren creates an atmosphere that encourages group participation.

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