Do you feel like a chicken? Or do you feel like an egg?

Have you ever been engaged in the age old debate: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” If you have you like since the futility of the argument while also sensing it doesn’t really matter now they are both already here.

I beleive the same is true of feelings and actions. There is a known process where stimulus flows into the mind, becomes a thought, moves to the subconcious and becomes a feeling, causes the body to e-mote, (energy in motion) and actiins come as a natural result.

As an example: If I stomped on your toe, it might generate pain stimulus in the brain. Before there is a complete ratiinal thought in the concious mind the subconcious mind says “ouch, that really hurt” and sends emotions of pain and anger back to the body. Suddenly you have the urge to return the favor and stomp my toe. Which came first, the feeling or the action?

Now your concious brain chimes in again and says, “Hey, is that a good idea?”

When you begin to ask the questions about the results you are getting in your life, start with “how does that make you feel?” Why? Because it will often take you back to the stimulus that caused the feeling, which caused the action, that got the result… Good, bad or otherwise.

If you can better predict, influence and control the stimulus around you then you will find yourself operating with different emotions, exhibiting different behavior and getting different results.

If you need help with that, email me and we will talk about coaching.

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