DJs Perish for a lack of Vision!

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Please join me in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas DJ Show!

I will be speaking at 4pm on September 10th: SEMINAR TITLE: DJs Perish for a lack of Vision!

So you are a DJ Pro! You have all the logistics worked out, you have chosen your systems, purchased all the latest software, taken every course available on marketing, sales, improving talent and learned the latest games and dances to keep the dance floor hopping BUT you find yourself bored or frustrated at certain events, the problem is really simple. You are BLIND. You are operating your DJ Business and likely your life with NO VISION!

Just like texting and driving, operating a business blind is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. In this session you will learn the Six Qualities of an Insuperable Vision. An insuperable vision will not just meet and stand up to everyday obstacles of doing business and living life, it will compel you to hunt them down and destroy them.

Here are some signs that you may be operating in the dark.

What happens when a company has no vision? It fails. Miserably! The owner is broke or struggling, frustrated, irritated and would rather be pulling weeds or flipping burgers than to be standing here with 250 screaming 10 year olds, playing Justin Bieber for the twentieth time .

When a company has no vision, it has no clarity. Have you ever wondered why your marketing program isn’t working?

When a company has no vision, it is not compelling. “I will take whatever gig I can get!” Are you desperate, less than run of the mill?

When a company has no vision, it has no purpose. Do you this DJ thing for fun? a part-time job? a hobby? because you can’t see yourself doing anything else? Is this what you were made for?

When a company has no vision, work has no joy. Have you ever stood there behind the mixer, looking at the crowd and wondering, “What the heck am I doing here, I don’t even like this kind of people… or their freekin’ music!”

When a company has no vision, life has no freedom. You can book every single party date for the next three years, but if you are not free to take time off without the money stopping, the momentum shifting and the fun evaporating, you do not have a business, you have a job and your boss is a slave driver!

When a company has no vision, work has no expression of strengths and talents. Have you had that call yet when the customer asks you to perform at an event you are not familiar with? Have you had that invitation that sends chills up your spine or releases a flock of buzzards in your gut?

 Do I really need a vision for my life and my DJ Business?

Only if you want a life of clarity, passion, and purpose. With a clear vision you will rally all of your greatest time, talent, treasure and attention and focus it on leaving a mark that will not be soon forgotten. So what mark will you leave? What is your Cisteen Chapel? Your Harry Potter series? Your iPhone? What will people say about you to generations that follow? Will they even know you were here? When your life has vision, it has the ability to leave an indelible mark in time. What will be your mark?

It is time to be insuperable and Live A More Excellent Life!

in·su·per·a·ble adj : incapable of being surmounted, overcome, passed over

Join us and learn the Six qualities of an Insuperable Vision and how to apply them to your DJ Business and your life:

Vivid – A clear, specific, definable picture of the future.

Inspired – Birthed from gifts and strengths within you; created by something greater than yourself.

Significant – Leaving a large and unforgettable impression on those who see you in action.

Influence – “Leadership is influence; nothing more and nothing less. People do what people see.”

Others’ – An insuperable vision is not about one’s own greatness but others’ potential illuminated.

Nobility – Trustworthy, honest and compassionate character worthy of modeling.

It is time to bring out all the stops. The tools that have been used before are obviously not working. After years of listening to conventional wisdom and playing by someone else’s rules, the obstacles all get stacked up around us. Loren has adopted some rather uncanny methods and unusual tools to transform those obstacles into ammunition. What you need is a compelling vision!

OK I get it, I need a vision, where does MY vision come from?

Choose from three different workshops:

  • 6 Essential Building Blocks of An Insuperable Vision. ($59/ 1 hour)
  • Live A More Excellent Life – Live Event ($399/ 8 hours)
  • Live A More Excellent Life – Online Course ($199 self paced)

J Loren Norris offers key-note addresses, workshops, and coaching that will motivate, inspire and bring focus to people of all ages and professional levels.

For Loren, pains of the past, and the raging regret impacted every job, every relationship, every hobby. After being told for years that he could not, or should not pursue his lifelong dream, Loren began to reevaluate the input and the sources. The common theme was profound as was the common source. There are thousands of obstacles that come at us in life, but none of them are as damaging as the ones we create for ourselves. All the “tricks in the book” did not work. Boredom followed every small success. The only thing worse was the willingness to play at half speed and not commit to excellence. It was too easy to be above average with very little effort and excellence became passionless. The challenge was not there to push harder because the reward was not worth the trouble. Life was mundane. Life was a rut!

Those days are gone. The rut has been discovered and filled in and the highway to success and significance is being repaved with every stone that was once cast. There will still be bumps and missed turns, but Loren’s journey is now fueled by a vision that burns too bright to be ignored and a passion so intense that obstacles look for a way to escape.

“It is my passion to help you find your purpose. I want to see you become successful, but more than that to be free! ”

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