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Insuperable Boot Camp – COMING JANUARY 2013

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The Insuperable Boot Camp is an in-depth interactive workshop. The material is focused on the value of personal growth and deep reflection. The four strategic areas encompass twelve total lessons that many of us work hard to master in the course of life. Areas that are not often talked about in light of overcoming tragedies, overwhelming  past events, and being passed by due to bad decisions. This boot camp is designed to raise awareness in areas of life, business and relationships and offer strategies for success in recreating and living out the life you were made for.

Four strategic areas to master at Insuperable Boot Camp and the 12 lessons we will work to bring into focus.


  • Insuperable Dreams
  • Insuperable Vision
  • Insuperable Reflection


  • Insuperable Conversations
  • Insuperable Gratitude


  • Insuperable Habits
  • Insuperable Action, Attitude, Behaviors
  • Insuperable Circumstances


  • Insuperable Natural Resources
  • Insuperable Pathway
  • Insuperable Legacy

Questions you can expect to address at Insuperable Boot Camp.

  • Have you given up on the dreams you once held dear?
  • Can you clearly see what your future holds?
  • What relationship exists between the words you speak and the way you see yourself?
  • Can the words you speak about others impact your future success?
  • Do you struggle in your career or relationships as a result of other peoples mistakes?

Insuperable is an attitude and attitudes drive action.

Will you create a new attitude for yourself?

Purchase Tickets NOW

I already have my ticket and need to register.


See printable fliers below to share with your friends or employees who would like to attend.

Create Your INSUPERABLE VISION Workshop $59

FIRST HOUR: 6 Qualities of an Insuperable Vision Learn what it means to have a vision that will not be stopped by everyday obstacles.

SECOND HOUR: 6 Essential Building Blocks of an Insuperable Vision This framework has proven to challenge the approach most people follow to living out their dreams. You will begin building a vision that will motivate, inspire and  drive you to employ your greatest skills, talents and passions to Live A More Excellent Life. This vision workshop will begin at 11:00am. PS Plan to stay for a FREE lunch courtesy of MarketPlace Church and City Life Center and enjoy worship and an inspiring message from Pastor Tim Woody.

  • Event will be held at City Life Center, 915 Florence Street, Fort Worth.
  • You must RSVP jlorennorris@johnmaxwellgroup.com to reserve your seat.
  • You will be billed $59 at the door if you do not have a ticket when you arrive.
  • Pay Here to guarantee your seat today! (you will only be billed once for $59)

Here is a short video clip from the Live Event


Sponsorships and Scholarships

If you represent a Group Leader, HR Director, Church Leadership, Chamber of Commerce or other local Civic organization that would like to host a workshop or sponsor  several people to attend discounted rates may apply. If you are an individual, please let me know if you would like to sponsor someone else to attend. Email me at jlorennorris@gmail.com See WRITING page for more info on Live A More Excellent Life.

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