Create good peg moments.

You have the power to create good peg moments.

I am now a father of four. I diligently guard the words I say to them. I have made a promise to myself not to call them losers, liars or lazy. I will never tell them that they cannot accomplish something that has a goal of greatness. One of my two sons is a spitting image of me. He is my mini me. He is destined for a short stature and a stocky build. I will be surprised if he reaches 5’9 (poor guy).

He has a passion for football and a dream to one day play for the Dallas Cowboys. His passion is more than mine ever was. He is only eleven. Guess what I tell him every day. “If the all time leading rushing record can be set by someone your size it can also be broken by someone your size. If that is your dream and your goal, I will stand behind you every step of the way and I will push you on to excellence.” He wants to go to football camp this year. I told him if he can beat me in a foot race for the 40 yard dash, I will send him to camp. He sees that as a tough goal. I say he has a great chance as I have 31 years on him. Watch for the name Zachary Norris in the Pro-bowl of 2022.

 How is that for a peg moment!?

What is yours? Like the next hand hold for the mountain climber, what will you set for yourself as an anchor to reach for or cantilever to launch yourself from? What peg moments will you set for your friends, family, employees?

Remember that words and deeds that redirect our path can be delivered unwittingly. There is at least one someone to whom you represent that close, influential, inspirational or authoritative voice. Your rejection or dismissal of their efforts, your careless words and deeds, your refusal to give them the encouragement they need, may be the peg moment that sends them off track.

Dale Carnegie wisely says, “Give a man a fine reputation to live up to.”

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