Control Your Temper

It is not wrong to have a temper. Temper is the driving force in us and can be used to accomplish great things. Most entrepreneurs have a high temper that gives them the energy and drive to reach their goals and purpose in life. Temper is like gasoline, the higher the temper, the higher the octane or value. Both can be explosive and dangerous. If we are not careful to control the gasoline, it may burn our house down, but it can also be very useful and valuable.

We should not discard things because they are dangerous, but we should set rules of safety so that we can make good use of the value of the energy it creates. With the adrenalin anger creates we are stronger, we can work harder and get more things done. It not only affects the mind, but energizes our entire body as well.

With this same energy we may become destructive. We may hit someone, break things or say words that will destroy relationships and lose credibility in our community. When we feel our temper coming up, we must think about what we are about to do and what affect it will have on us and on those around us. We must learn to master our temper and use its energy in a positive way. Successful people have learned to think before they react. Controlling our temper builds character and credibility.

The value of understanding our temper is to avoid controlling or dominating others. High-tempered people have the tendency to bully their way to get what they want. Learning to value others is the key in developing controlled behaviour. The fact remains however, that high-tempered people usually drive progress because they are seldom satisfied with the status quo. They are usually visionaries and see the world as it could be and work towards making it better. They are usually fearless and full of confidence. They view problems as simple challenges that need to be conquered.



  1. If you have an intense temper you can be strong, hard working and able to handle difficult tasks with high levels of energy. This drive or ambition can affect your mind by giving you more energy and strength. That same energy however, can be very destructive, resulting in damaged relationships. High-tempered people have a real advantage, but they must manage the energy.
  2. Driven or high-tempered people can be very productive. Energy flows and activates the adrenaline in the body. At these moments, you can do tasks and not get tired because you feel energetic and full of productivity.
  3. Your character will be established if you control situations before they explode or get out of control. Thinking before you act and giving more thought to your emotions will benefit you and everyone around you.

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