Connecting with your audience through stories

A few seats remain available. Please mark your calendar now if you are in a position of leadership, run your own business or share your testimony to impact the lives of those around you.

There are discount codes for District 25 Toastmasters, PEP ESchool Students and Facebook Fans. If you need the codes, PM me.

Attitude Engineer, J Loren Norris is an author, coach and trainer. After serving in the U.S. the Air Force as a Crash Rescue Fire Fighter, Loren spent 20 years in sales and marketing, then the last eight years as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. Last year he spoke or performed for more than 50,000 people from elementary schools to top executives.

His experience as a soldier, fire fighter, retail manager, sales trainer, start up consultant and Dad are the basis of many of the illustrative stories that he uses to teach the value of people, the heart of true leadership and the art of great communication.


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