Communicate Your Testimony With Powerful Impact

20140516-221512.jpgMaster The Art of Story Telling: Communicate Your Testimony With Powerful Impact

Imagine you are at the gas station. Someone at the next pump recognizes your window sticker from your church or Christian school and they say something like, “I always wondered about that church. I even thought about going, but my life has been so bad, I think the walls would cave in if I set foot in the door.”

Do you have a response? Will it be too long to tell at the gas pump?

Will it connect with them and engage them enough to keep their attention? Can you tell a story from your own experience that demonstrates how you know God’s mercy is real and available to everyone? Is it the same “story” you have told a thousand times? Is it based solely on your experience? Is it also Biblically accurate? Could you change up that story in a moment’s notice if the person, audience or opportunity to share were different? Can you be brief, poignant and impactful?

These questions will be addressed and solutions offered in “story selection” and “story crafting”. 

Imagine you are in a small group of single men and women who are gathered to discuss the pain and challenges of begin  “single again”. There are many scars and memories in a group like this. There are differing levels of faith, experiences in the church, spiritual and emotional maturity, and perhaps some good ole baggage. Suddenly, the leader of the group turns to you and says something like, “Tell us about your journey as a single again believer, what has God done in your life that gives you hope and joy?”

Will you be able to speak with hope and joy even if your current circumstances are painful and lonely? Will you present a story that reveals the work of God in your personal restoration to Him? How will you speak about “how you were wounded” without implicating the other person, evoking hatred or bitterness in someone else’s heart or opening wounds for others? Can you empathize without commiserating? Can you be real and authentic without starting a pity party? Can you share your past emotions without reliving them and being trapped in them? Can you recognize the details to leave out for the sake of present company without skipping the hand of God at work?

These questions will be addressed and solutions offered in “psychology of story”.

Imagine you are asked to share a specific part of your testimony with the whole congregation. The pastor has asked that you talk about the miracle you experienced. You have five minutes on the platform in front of the whole church to speak. There will be no one else on stage, no interviewer, no prompting or slide show.

How will you remember all the details that are relevant to the story? Will you leave out the details that are interesting but time consuming? Will you avoid the details that simply distracting? Will you find the balance between being real and giving the enemy too much credit? Will you speak in a monotone that bores the audience to sleep even though your story is amazing? Will you dramatize your story with voice and gesture to accent specific moments without acting like a clown? Will you demonstrate congruency in your story, your life and your actions that will be remembered to God’s glory? Will you leave the audience with a plea or call to action that will bring them to a revelation knowledge of your King?

These questions will be addressed and solutions offered in “stage crafting”. 

Communication Inspired Leadership for Churches is a four hour workshop taught to groups of 15-250. It has been a successful class for Pastors, Teachers and business leaders to improve their communication and connection skills. 

Please contact Loren at 214-783-9854 to schedule a workshop session for your church or leadership team.

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