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Learn to profit from your life's story!

 Transforming Stories, Transforming Lives!#TSTL INFO GRAPHIC Transforming Stories

It’s time to profit from your life’s story! This mentoring program is designed to lead you from Vision Development to Profit Creation. Projects include core message and audience discovery, marketing, public speaking, writing, publishing, product and program development, social media and platform promotion.

Overview of areas we will address to prepare your business or ministry for Transforming Stories. Transforming Lives:

  • Vision: Nothing will drive your life, your company, your relationships or your future like a vision that compels you. Loren will help you to identify, define and develop clarity of vision that will give you tenacity in the face of any obstacle.
    • Six Essential Qualities of an Insuperable Vision
    • Six Building Blocks of an Insuperable Vision
  • Communication: Whether you are new to presenting in public or a seasoned veteran of the stage, Loren will help you to:
    • Create impact, influence and income.
    • Identify, Develop and clarify your core message
    • Tie your message to a business related outcome.
    • Create an initial connecting strategy as unique as you are.
    • Story crafting – develop your core message into powerful stories
    • Story telling to build know, like and trust – content to delivery
    • Speech design and writing
    • Stage Craft & Stage Presence
    • Overall presentation critique and review
  • For those who plan to become a paid or professional speaker or minister:
    • Audience identification/ target market
    • Content-product development to produce back of room sales
    • Revenue Creation strategies
    • Planning and hosting your own live events
    • Publishing and marketing your books
    • Public speaking marketing
    • Social media marketing strategies
    • Affiliate programs
    • Sponsorship brainstorming
    • Media exposure on radio and TV
    • Website start up or review
    • Tech tools for your business.

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150 page Client Manual – 4 Training Blocks – 18 Sessions 

Could you earn additional income from sharing your story in the right place at the right time?  95% of the quality of your life has to do with the story you are telling. The story you tell yourself inside your head, on your Facebook page, to your friends, family and even your enemies has a huge impact on your quality of life. The story you tell feeds your attitude, action and behavior. The story you tell creates your circumstances. Your story could change someone’s future, impact their relationship perhaps even SAVE A LIFE. Do you have the communication skills needed to craft your story and take it to those who need it?

  • What is your story?
  • How do you best tell it?
  • To whom?
  • What is your story worth to them?
  • How will your story help or serve an audience?
  • How do you let the world know about your story and the hope it offers?

This mentoring program is packed with significant interaction and communication skills training. This training is designed to lead entrepreneurs from story crafting to stage craft, market selection, placement, pricing and platform promotion.

This mentorship program will help members to:

Develop a vision, core message, purpose, goals, audience and presentation materials one step at a time.

  • Over 100 practical drills.
  • 81 hours of one-to-one or group coaching, mentoring and discovery.
  • Mental challenges to sharpen your focus.
  • Personal and professional growth to build your foundation, character and skills.
  • Strategic and tactical exercises to build your platform.
  • Product development strategies, and production assistance.
  • Video and audio production services available at no additional cost to full members. (some restrictions apply)
  • National and International Memberships conducted via Skype or FaceTime and recordable.

Do you know others who desire to develop their message, develop their vision and develop their platform?

6 Month Private Membership (Save $600 when prepaid) Only 5 members per year.

9 Month Private Membership (Save $2,250) Only 5 members per year.

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