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The two most valuable assets we have in achievement, accomplishment, success and maturity are these:

1. The story we tell to ourself and of ourself.
2. The attitude we approach life with.

Here are great resource for those who want to know, understand and apply EXCELLENT ATTITUDES in life and relationships and TELL THEIR STORY in a transformed way. STORY & ATTITUDE.

Transforming your story and transforming your life #TSTL requires learning to lead yourself before you attempt to lead others. Leadership of self requires skill and preparation that should begin in elementary school and last a lifetime. The story inside your head informs you of your value, your worth, your credibility, and your ability. To lead others well, the story in your heart and head should be clear, powerful, directed and intentional.

 “From the elementary school classroom to the executive boardroom, leadership of self requires vision, skill and preparation.”

~ J Loren Norris 

Young people today are often lead to believe they are the “victim of their circumstances.” If we can transform the story they are telling themselves, we can transform their lives. Will you join us? Will you transform your story and transform your life, so you can help others to Live A More Excellent Life?

One other challenge today’s leaders are facing is that of the significant difference in attitude between the existing generation of workers “the boomers” “the Gen Xers”, and “the Gen Y”. The perception of hard work, the value of discipline, the loyalty to employer and to excellence is different in each age bracket. This makes determining their motivations complicated, assigning responsibility difficult and measuring against set expectations and standards near impossible.

Many of the youngest people entering the workforce are doing so with some significantly different ideas of work/ value/ income and the relationship to other team members as well as to personal responsibility.

2,500 teens respond with hope in considering their vision of the future.

Learn more about curriculum guided Youth Mentoring programs.

Excellent Life Leadership Mentoring for College/ Young Adults

(20-24 years old) Sign Up Here $99/wk

Topics address include but are not limited to.
  • Attitude Control and Management
  • Influence Skill and Ability
  • Goal Setting Accountability
  • Vision Execution
  • Interview Conversational Skills
  • Speaking to Influence
  • 9 Lessons of Mastery (mastery challenge)
  • 9 Attitudes to Live A More Excellent Life (mastery challenge)
  • This MENTORING PROGRAM designed for young men ages 20-24 years old.
    • This program is 18 months
    • 1-2 hour session per month.
    • At a public location.
    • Activation activities and assignments will be required by participants and continued participation.

Excellent Life Leadership Mentoring for Individuals

(25 plus ) Sign Up Here $4000/ yr

This is a 1-1 MENTORING PROGRAM designed for young men ages 25 plus years old.

Topics address include but are not limited to.
  • Attitude Engineering 101
  • Insuperable Vision Mastery
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Maxwell Leadership Material
    • R. E. A. L. Success
    • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
    • 5 Levels of Leadership
    • Leadership Gold
    • Becoming a Person of Influence

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