Story Transformation Coaching Programs for leaders, influencers and communicators.

Coaching and mentoring for leaders, influencers and communicators.


Transforming stories. Transforming lives is more than just a tag line, it is a strategy for changing lives! It is a process of personal as well as professional growth, a vehicle for employing the tragedies, successes and gifts you have been given as a tool for helping others to prepare for the future and improve the quality of the life they live.

“When you grow, you can grow others. When you are transformed, you can transform others. When your story changes, it changes the story of others.” ~ J. Loren Norris

Coaching and mentoring take on many forms. In the end, the approach may be different but the end result should be the same, a result that will provide a greater foundational platform for success for many years to come.

  • Increased awareness
  • Development and mastery of life skills
  • Transformation of attitudes and habits
  • Deployment of gifts and talents to impact and lead others

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“After realizing a need for specialized training in public speaking and leadership, my path crossed with J. Loren. He is a gifted teacher and trainer in many genres including leadership coaching, public speaking, building a platform, and communicating vision.  J. Loren is challenging yet patient in his coaching style. He is able to sift through the confusion that usually comes with growth and discern exactly what the client is seeking. Then adapt his training to correspond to the client’s personality, needs, and schedule. I found his expertise, skill, and training to be invaluable.”

Jamie Leat

Women’s Ministry Director at The Hills Church of Christ

“Loren is an outstanding media consultant and coach! I asked him to help me design audio and visual media products to advance the profile of my law firm, and Loren did an excellent job. I highly recommend Loren as a media and communication coach and consultant! Thanks, Loren!”

Todd K. Hulsey

The Hulsey Law Firm, PLLC – Corporate Internal Investigations & Corporate Compliance.

The Law of Process – says leadership develops daily, not in a day.


Learn more about influencers coaching “Transforming Stories, Transforming Lives” here.

President Theodore Roosevelt, the ultimate man of action – boxer, horseback rider, explorer and big-game hunter, etc continued in a self-improvement process that didn’t end until his death when he died in his sleep with a book under his pillow. ~ Dr. John C. Maxwell

Whether for teens, adults and executives, the focus is on YOU and your growth and development to:

  • shorten your learning curve in areas of experience and expertise
  • provide an objective point of view
  • insist on gaining and strengthening clarity
  • help you identify and eliminate excuses
  • hold you accountable for assignments and growth
  • share access to certain trusted resources

Leadership Mentoring: Developing influencers from the elementary class room to the executive boardrooms, Loren teaches some of the most delicate and complicated leadership principles in the most clear and simple ways. How would you teach “purpose” to a room of fifth grade children?

  • 9 Lessons of Mastery to Live A More Excellent Life
  • Attitude Engineering Identifying / maintaining proper attitudes
  • Creating desirable attitudes on your team
  • Connecting with your team not just communicating
  • Personal growth and development practices and processes
  • Time management & Prioritizing
  • *Special emphasis where requested on marriage, parenting/ and other relationships.

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