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How can you help those facing pain?

Yor transition from the pain of your past into a powerful influence in the live of others! Your mistakes, errors, failures and hurts qualify you to lead, influence and inspire.


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Over the last 30 days alone, Tell It Like It Is TV (Tell It Like It Is, by J Loren Norris) has reached over 100,000 people 25 different countries with a powerful and empowering but simple message through Facebook LIVE… Read the rest

Thought Life: What does your mirror tell you about the future of your life?

Tonya Waring shares her thoughts on Live A More Excellent Life

What does your mirror tell you about your destiny?

Our lives, our bodies, our relationships and our businesses are all directly impacted by the very specific thoughts we allow to dominate our minds. Will you choose to be excited about your day and all the opportunity it holds as great potential? Will … Read the rest