Follow up leadership question: Confidence vs competence.

"Some would think you can't lead AT ALL until you have your whole show together."

Follow up leadership question: Confidence vs competence.


“This has been rolling around in my head for 24 hrs – Confidence vs competence. We never STOP learning, and we never really “ARRIVE” until we meet Christ … so as we learn we can still lead, right? As

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I am one who has paid tens of thousands of dollars to experts to have the knowledge and training I employ. 

I am a Certified Leadership Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team and I am a perpetual learner.

Answers to a viewers questions: Re Confidence is NOT Competence.

Q: “This morning after while Maxwell’s 5 tips, you stopped briefly after reading # “Show up” and commented re: how people have a title for a job and don’t do the work. You mentioned “life coaches”Read the rest

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10 Key Areas of Leadership Development

Leaders fail to lead well when they lose their focus.  Take your eyes off the prize and your integrity, your leadership position, the well being of your team and your key relationships can all be in jeopardy.

Effective leaders know their strengths as well as the strengths, hopes and dreams of those … Read the rest